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Employer profile:

Household has 2 children; girl 7 years old and boy 2 years old. Mum & Dad work full time. Full time Nanny looks after children.

House is newly built with 5 en-suite bedrooms, totalling 7 bathrooms. Located in Hungerford, Berkshire area.


Couple to work as Housekeeper and Houseman / Handyman / Gardner / Animal / Stable / Driver / Babysitting



Duties and responsibilities include:

Entire House; dust in all areas, vacuum in all areas, clean doors, wipe skirting boards, wash floors, wash window ledges, wipe outside of front door, polish hardwood and tiled floors, clean TV screens, pick up & put away anything that has been left out, water plants.

Kitchen; sweep & wash floors, clean & disinfect countertops, wash cabinets & all appliances, scrub sinks, keep cabinets neat & tidy, set table for meals, tidy after adult meal times, load and unload dishwasher, clean & wipe table, cover left over food and put away, defrost & clean fridge freezer bi-monthly

Bathrooms (including kids bathrooms); clean & disinfect shower, baths, sinks, backsplashes, bins, toilet brushes & mirrors. Wash floors & bath mats. Polish chrome, empty toilet bins. Put out fresh towels, robes & toilet paper regularly. Tidy toiletries cabinets.

For guest bathrooms ensure towels, robes and slippers are clean for guests.

Bedrooms (excluding kid’s bedrooms); dust and vacuum entire room, change sheets weekly in all rooms. Change sheets after each guests leaves ensuring guest rooms are ready for next guests. Empty laundry basket. Put away all clothes either in laundry basket or in wardrobe. Make beds. Put away pyjamas, tidy paperwork or books beside bed.

Straighten and keep tidy clothes closet and drawers, clean TV screens.

Laundry Room; Gather from each bedroom & sort out dirty clothes. Spot soiled clothes, wash fold & put away all adult clothes, hang clothes, ironing all adult clothes, straighten cupboards & drawers, wipe washer & dryer, empty bins, dust door & skirting boards. Sew on buttons, mend socks. Arrange sheets and towels in orderly fashion in storage cupboards. Nanny will wash, iron and put away kids clothes.

Dressing Room; full management of dressing room, organize clothes in dressing rooms, organize shoes, check shoes on regular basis to see if they need polishing or re-heeling, organize ties, cufflinks, dust and disinfect cabinets and shelving on a regular basis, check if clothes need dry cleaning before they are hung back up in wardrobes, bring clothes to dry cleaners, assist with packing and unpacking suit cases.

General; polish all adult shoes, polish silver, polish crystal, clean fire and reset fire, do weekly food shopping, do monthly food shopping in wholesalers, ensure daily fresh air in most rooms in house.

Cooking; cooking at breakfast, lunch time and in the evenings for adults when required, set menus for the week ahead with Employer, cooking and serving all meals for any guests in the house, assisting with setting table, cooking, serving & cleaning up for dinner parties. Hosting dinner parties for not more than 15 people every 2 to 3 weeks.

Cooking for kids is done by nanny except on a Saturday.

Babysitting; the Employee may be asked to babysit a number of evenings per week (Tuesday to Saturday) without further pay.

Some of this babysitting maybe overnight babysitting if parents are away.

Activities may be missing from the lists above, this does not mean they may not be performed.

Gentleman; Maintenance, Driving, Gardening

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Take out bins and recycling

  • Clean all windows inside and outside

  • Clean inside and outside of all cars weekly

  • Ensure the principal’s cars is refuelled every few days

  • Help with general cleaning inside house if required

  • Ensure floors inside the house are polished and buffed weekly

  • Arrange for any vehicle repairs that need to be done

  • General maintenance of the outside of the property as well as the inside of the property

  • Hot tub maintenance

  • Ensure garage is kept clean and tidy at all times

  • Ensuring all outside pool area and cushions are kept in good condition. Pool area to be Prepared for use in the mornings on warm days and all cushions to be stored in the Evenings

  • If guests are in the house, ensure they have refreshments throughout the day

  • General property administration

  • Arrange any items that need to be repaired in house; for example sky, sound system, Heating system, pool etc……

  • Assist Employer and guests with luggage

  • Assist with any social entertainment in the house

  • Upgrade the Sonos music system in the house with the assistance of an electrician

  • Change light bulbs when required

  • Assist with any IT queries by arranging to get things fixed or doing them yourself i.e. Printers, downloading stuff on kids iPad’s etc….

  • Going general errands for the house that are required from time to time

  • Cleaning and dusting of high areas in the house i.e. curtain poles, on top of wardrobes, Top of kitchen appliances, coving etc…

  • Gardening; cut grass, watering, planting and weeding on regularly basis.

  • Maintain the stable yard, 70 acres of land and drive-way, for example; repairing fencing, getting wood, cutting grass, arranging to have the fields cut either by yourself if you can Drive a tractor or a company who can cut the top of the grass fields, collecting any rubbish on the drive way or along by the fencing

  • Driving; Drive the Principals and or other people relating to the family when required, including but not limited to driving to the races, airport, London, social occasions, meetings etc….

Activities may be missing from the lists above, this does not mean they may not be performed.


Previous experience in Private Domestic Households is very important

Flexibility is required in this position due to driving, as driving maybe required at night time or at weekends.


700£ Net per week £350 per person, per week

Working hours are approx. 45 hours per week.

The annual holiday entitlement is 23 days plus Bank Holidays.

Apartment available for live-in couple, consisting of kitchen, living area, 1 bedroom & bathroom. Apartment has separate entrance outside, also has a connecting door to the main house.

A car is provided with this job and a fuel card. The Employer will pay for car insurance, RAC/AA roadside recovery used by the Employees.

All bills for apartment will be paid for by Employer including sky TV and broadband.

All towels, bed linen & kitchen requirements will be provided by Employer.

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