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A Housekeeper is someone who takes care of the running of your household, and this goes way beyond just cleaning.

General Housekeeper Duties


May vary depending on various households


  • Adaptability

  • Answer telephone and take messages (depending on households)

  • Attention to detail

  • Care for household pets

  • Care of children

  • Care of delicate fabrics

  • Check and purchase groceries, household supplies to maintain adequate levels

  • Clean appliances

  • Clean metal fixtures and fittings

  • Clean washbasins, mirrors, tubs and showers

  • Dispose of trash in a sanitary manner

  • Dust and polish furniture and fittings

  • Empty and clean trash containers

  • First Aid

  • Flower arrangement

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Iron and press clothing and linen

  • Knowledge of cleaning and sanitation products, techniques and methods

  • Knowledge of cleaning sensitive materials

  • Liaising with House Manager/ Butler

  • Maintain all cleaning equipment and materials in a safe and sanitary working condition

  • Maintain record of related expenditure

  • Make up beds and change linens as required

  • Monitor and report necessary domestic repairs and replacements

  • Organising Wardrobes, Shelves, cupboard

  • Operate mechanized cleaning equipment

  • Plan and cook meals for employer

  • Planning and organizing

  • Polish silverware

  • Reliability

  • Run errands for employer

  • Shampoo carpets, rugs and upholstery

  • Sort, Iron, fold and put away clean laundry

  • Sort, wash, load and unload laundry

  • Sweep, scrub, mop and polish floors

  • Tidy up rooms

  • Vacuum clean carpets, rugs and draperies

  • Wash dishes, clean kitchen according to agreed hygiene standards

  • Wash windows as scheduled

  • Wipe down glass surfaces

  • Working knowledge of operating cleaning equipment​


Housekeeper duties may be in conjunction with other household duties, Such as Butler, Nanny, Cook, PA, Domestic Couple

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