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Domestic Couple


A Domestic Couple is a couple who takes care of a private property for the Principles and their family. Sometime they live on the property or as live out, depending on the job role. It is a very hands-on job role, where the couple have to be flexible and able to joggle a lot of things at once.

Being proactive in the running of the estate is essential.

Domestic Couple Duties


Depending on Household


  • Book Care

  • Business & House Schedules

  • Care & Maintenance of Cars

  • Care of Antiques

  • Care of Wardrobe

  • Child Care

  • Computer Skills

  • DIY

  • Event Organiser

  • First Aid

  • Flower Care

  • Garden Maintenance

  • House Accounts / Finance

  • Housekeeper

  • House Maintenance

  • Nanny

  • Opening & Closing of the Property daily

  • Pet / Animal Care

  • Running Errands

  • Security

  • Shopping

  • Silverware care

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