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Handyman / Homme de toutes Main


.A Handyman is an individual who does repairs, property maintenance, renovations and other odd jobs. His responsibility may encompass some plumbing, electrical, carpentry, security, gardening or hauling. Some Handymen live at the properties they take care of while others do not. 

Handyman Duties:


May vary depending on various household,


  • Carpentry

  • Clearing debris, snow

  • Electrical

  • Equipment and vehicle repairs

  • First Aid

  • Fixing any safety hazards

  • Gardening

  • General maintenance

  • Hauling

  • Installing appliances and machinery

  • Keeping accounts

  • Liaising with House Manager / Butler and other workers

  • Mowing lawns

  • Painting

  • Plumbing

  • Putting together furniture and other equipment

  • Security



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