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Close Protection Officer

Bodyguard / Garde du Corps

A Close protection officer’s job is essentially to avoid risks or threats to their principle. Typically the close protection officer / bodyguard is a security officer who protects an individual/family/organisation members from assault, kidnapping, stalking, loss of confidential information, terrorist attacks and other threats.


A Close Protection Officer/ Bodyguard Duties:


Depending on how high risk the Client is,


  • Anticipating or watching for potential snipers, choke points on a route

  • Check for aggressive photographers, block or maintain photographers at distance

  • Checking for Improvised Explosive Devices (I.E.D)

  • Morning meeting with head of security, to discuss daily schedule of the principle, assess the range of risk

  • Trained anti terrorist, evasive & defensive driving

  • Unarmed Combat

  • Variety of routes checked or back up routes known to Driver CPO

  • Vehicle Inspections


Chauffeur Duties may be included depending on job role

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