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Butler/ Majordome

Maître d'hôtel


A Butlers role has changed over the years. A Butler has been defined as the head of the household & staff. A Butler typically oversees the household staff, usually of one residence. Understands concepts like being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available. Answers the residence phone, receives guests at the door and supervises the reception of visitors. A Butler role can be very similar to a House Manager. A Butler can be Male or Female depending on the family preferences. 

Clients now look for multi-skilled, pro-active individuals, who are happy to multi-task.


A Butlers Job Duties:


A Butler may act as a Chauffeur, Cook, Event organiser, Gardner, Handyman, Head Waiter, Housekeeper, Nanny, PA, Security, Valet


Duties may vary depending on various households,


  • Ability to represent the domestic household from reception of guests to telephone calls

  • Assist with the planning & organising of parties or events at the home

  • Care of Antiques, Art Work, Books, Ceramics, Linens, Rugs

  • Care of Cigars

  • Care of Clothes, delicate & valuable fabrics

  • Care of Flowers

  • Care of Guns for hunting

  • Care of the Wine Cellar

  • Chauffeur & Care of Cars

  • Cleaning & Care of Crystal, Fine China, Silverware

  • Concierge Service

  • Culinary Skills

  • Eye for detail and ability to anticipate

  • Experience in delivery of a discreet, confidential and unobtrusive service

  • Experience in Hunting

  • First Aid

  • Food Hygiene

  • Formal Table Setting & Service

  • Hiring and Dismissing Staff

  • Housekeeping Skills

  • Inventories

  • Keeping Household Accounts

  • Keeping Staff Records

  • Know when to hire additional Domestic Staff & Knowledge of their Duties

  • Knowledge of Etiquette & Protocol

  • Liaising with contractors & suppliers

  • Menu Planning

  • Organization of the family & social events

  • Packing & Unpacking Suitcases

  • Personal Assistant Skills

  • Pet Care

  • Purchasing Clothes

  • Responsible for the smooth running of a Household & Servicing of the Principles & Guests

  • Running Errands

  • Serving Wine & Drinks

  • Stock Control

  • Supervising all Domestic Staff

  • Training & Guiding other Staff

  • Valeting Skills

  • Valuation

  • Writing of household manuals & house policy documents for owners' approval

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